Monday, March 29, 2010

A Dose of Perspecitve

A look, from what seems like a world away, stopped me in my tracks on my way to journey through my school work tonight. As I'm reflecting on my frustrations of the day, grumbling and wishing time away, I glanced to see a story about the camps in Chile. As I stand there listening in awe I find that I've put myself in the shoes of a little boy paying 30 cents to crowd in a tent with others and watch a comedy show on a small television. They have built their own world, blossoming from a disaster I could not in my wildest dreams imagine. They are rebuilding their lives and relying on the grace of others and their own inner strength to keep them looking towards the future.
A good dose of perspective is just what I needed tonight. I have all I need right here with me. And when I tend to forget that, I can just take a look at the world and see that many have overcome and thrived from unimaginable circumstances.
I hope to carry this through tonight as I trudge through my school work and find another good source of perspective tomorrow and all days to follow.


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  1. Once again, a beautiful post. Ah, so easy to say, so difficult to remember, nearly impossible to practice. Such is the way of life, no?

    Best of luck with the practice...